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Larens Skin Procedure

Anti acne

The new treatment is ideal for acne-prone, highly reactive skin prone to irritation, which requires exceptional care. Acne skin is primarily sensitive skin, hence this treatment was created to provide multi-directional, appropriate care.

- prevents the formation of pimples and has a sebum regulating effect - soothes irritations - has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces redness caused by inflammation -improves its condition and strengthens the skin

Anti Ageing Larens treatment

The treatment is intended for dry, flaccid skin with visible ageing effects and wrinkles. If this is your problem, you can take advantage of it now.

- cleansing the skin

- reducing the amount of blackheads - smoothing, nourishing and strengthening the skin, - reduction of redness, reduction of the tendency to irritation, - limiting the formation of acne inflammatory changes - reducing the problem of acne scars - reduction of post-inflammatory discoloration, even skin tone


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